Free trial for non-commercial. Upgrade for unlimited access, website, email, and hundreds of apps.

  • Free

    $ 0

    For personal or non-commercial use

  • Silver Member

    $ 95

    Small business

  • Golden Partner

    $ 395

    As an agent and service provider, we offer multiple dedicated servers and development service


2000+ domain extensions. Buy and use instantly. Website, SSL, Email automatically activated

  • .de, .uk, .nl, .eu, and more

    $ 3

    Country-level domains, some countries have registration restrictions

  • .online, .info, .xyz, .site, .co and more


    Universal domain

  • .com


    Universal top-level domain, same price for new purchase and renewal

Pre-integrated third-party APIs available. Continuous expansion of API categories

  • AI

    $ 0.01

    Speech synthesis, recognition, translation, express tracking, and more

  • SMS

    $ 0.01

    Send templated SMS messages only.

  • OCR

    $ 0.01

    Text recognition for invoices, images, and more

  • Email

    $ 0.02

    Free incoming, chargeable for outgoing via API or email client.


Trained full-stack developers exclusively for partner companies, utilizing Kooboo technologies

  • Project Based

    $ 80,000

    Fixed pricing per project. Client to provide detailed requirements. Minimum project amount: 80,000 USD!

  • Dedicated developer

    $ 1950

    Trained full-stack developer working exclusively for a single company

    Man Month
  • Expert developer

    Has a deep understanding and extensive knowledge of software development

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  • Shared development seat

    $ 990

    Shared developer for underutilized workloads

    Man Month