DataSource is the tool that you can use to query Data out of database and render them with view templates. 

Kooboo make it as a visual tool so that you can use it without any coding. 

Datasource methods are predefined code blocks written by C# or kScript.  You can write your own DataSource using kScript or C#.


Go to "Developement" -- "DataSource", you will see a list of DataSource methods available. 

Default shows the public DataSource. Public datasource can be used by any view. 

Click "Private" on above screen to see the list of private DataSource methods. 

Private datasource are the local configured datasource that only available on that view. 


Some DataSource methods require configuration before using it.  You will be asked for the configuration before appending a DataSource to a view.  

Before creating a content list, you first need to query list of data from content database. 

C# DataSource

If your kooboo version support extension management, you can use your existing C# dlls without any modification, you can choose the methods and make it as a Datasource within Kooboo. 

To write a C# DataSource extension, you only need to implement the IDataSource interface. If your 

   public interface  IDataSource

     public abstract class SiteDataSource : IDataSource
        public FrontContext Context { get; internal set; }

kScript DataSource

You can use kScript to create additional datasource. For more information regarding the kScript DataSource, please refer to kScript charpter.