Event is a powerful extension to your website business logic. You can configure your website to perform special tasks on the events. 

Create an event task

Event task is added by writting event type code.  On the Main Navigation Menu, click "Development" --> "Code". Select the "Event" tab and then click "Create Event" to create your event code. Event code use kScript and has access to http request context. 

Attach a task to events

After creating your event task, you can attach it to the event that it is designed for.  Click the event that you want to attach task, and then click "New rule" to create a new rule. Event rule is an IF THIS THEN THAT type of business logic. 

Event condition

For each event, you can define the conditiont that this task will be fired. The condition option is determined by the event type. Additional configuration options can be set by  event code.