Online vs Desktop

Your website can be created on local desktop version or Kooboo online version. 

Online Version

If you created your website on Kooboo online, your website is already live. Go to 'Page' screen and click the preview link, your website will be opened in your browser.

If you do not register or provide your own domain, you will be using second-level domain from Kooboo.  A website domain normally was set when you creating the website, you can change the domain binding later. 

On the same row of every page, there is also a QR-code that contains the URL of that page. 

Click and scan it with your mobile phone, it should open that page in your mobile phone. 

Desktop Version

Website on Desktop version normally only available on your local machine. To publish it to internet, there are a few options.  We will explain the details in the next chapters. 

1. Export/Import

Export the whole or partial Kooboo website objects as a zip package. 

Import and create a new website or import the partial package into an existing website.

2. Sync (push/pull)

There is a GIT like Sync tool included in Kooboo that you config per website.

Go to "System" -- "Sync" on the main navigation bar.

Click "Create"  to add remote target website.

After that, you can see the differences between local website and remote website, you can select and push items to remote website.  

3. Share as Template

Click on website icon from the site overview page.

Select "Share"

Fill in the required information. 

Click "Share"

Your website is now at the publish template repository for review, once is pass the review process from Kooboo team, it will be available for anyone to use it. 

Host yourself

If you know how to configure Domain and DNS setting. You may use the Desktop version to host yourself.  It is a standard web server like others. Configuration of domain and website can be done within Kooboo interface. 

Kooboo does has a different version that target for hosting providers. It supports both Linux and Windows server.  This version is not avaiable for download at this moment, and will be available in the near future.