Sync (pull/push)

If you use source control tool like GIT, you should know the pull/push function that is used to sync with remote repository. Kooboo provide similar functions.

Go to the website that you want to synchronize with remote servers, click  "System" -- "Sync".

Click create, select the remote server. 

If you need to add a new server, click the setting icon. 

Click the "+" icon to add a new server

Save and return back to select a remote server, select one and click "Next". 

Select one website from the remote server,  or click "+" icon to add a new website to remote server. 

Click "Save" and return the publishing remote server list.

Select the server you just created, then you are at the push/pull page. 

You can see all the local updates listed. 

Select Items and then click "Push" to push items to remote server site. 

Click "Pull" to get updates from remote server.