Multilingual Setting

Kooboo has built in support for multilingual.

Enable Multilingual

Navigate to "System" -- "Setting", find the "Enable Multilingual" label, enable or disable it by clicking the "YES/NO" button. 

Edit website languages

To add or remove language, click the configuration icon, open the language setting window. 

Enable Language Path

Language path is the subpath of your domain that can be used to indicate current website language. For example, you can use url like, Kooboo will map the request to the page with the name of "pagename" and language set to "nl". 

To enable the language path, in the first screen, find the label named: "Enable language path", click "YES/NO" icon to enable or disable it. 

Auto Detect Culture

Auto Detect Culture option is useful when the language of web request is not presented. System will try to determine the language.

First, If there is a IP database available, system will check the country of that IP to determine the language. 

Second, Browser request header of "Accept-Language" will be used to check the supported language.  Language en has lower priority than other languages.