FullText Search

Kooboo includes a full text search engine. 

Enable and Reindex

To enable the full text search, navigate to "Development" -- "Search"

Click "YES/NO" button under "Status" to enable or disable full text search.  When it is enabled, all change you made to the website is automatically indexed.

Click "Rebuild" or "Clean" to manually clean or rebuild search index database. 

Execute Search

After enable the search function, Kooboo search is provided as a Data Source, you can use it the same way as using the ContentList Data Source. 

Add a Data Source to your view, check of the options, click "Next" to go to search configuration page. 

keyword: The parameter name of your search view, when submitting value to this view, that is the Form Field or Query String name. 

pageSize: for paging, can keep it like it is. 

pageNumber: also for paging, keep it like that. 

highLightAttr:  Css property name and value.  If provided, that attribute will be appended to high lighted search text tag.  

Display Search Result

Displaying  search result is the same as displaying result  of other Data Source. 

You create a repeater, and bind the Data Fields.