Free SSL certificate

Kooboo provides free SSL, it has the same security as the paid certificates.


This is only available on the Kooboo online version, you need to manually create the certificate for the domain you want.  

Open the Top Navigation bar

Click "Domains" 

Click "SSL Certificate", open certificate list page

Click "Generate certificate", fill in the domain you want. 

SSL Certificate on desktop version

If you are using the download version, you need to purchase the SSL certificate yourself and place the  .pfx file under  "Kooboo\AppData\ssl" folder.  


Every certificate is only valid for a few months, renew of certificate is done automatically. There is nothing you need to do.  There is a limitation of max number of certificates one account can have, you may want to delete certificates that are not being used. 

Use SSL on website

You do not need to configure to use SSL.  After you have the certificate, you can access the website domain with https.  If you want your visitors must use https to visit your website. You can enable "Force SSL" option under "System" -- "Settings". 

With and without www

Many websites can be accessed by both with and without www domain prefix, for example, both and are valid. 

If you would like to keep both website domains, you need to request two certificates, so in our case, one for and one for, or you make a redirect from to and use only one certificate. 

Desktop version

If you are using Kooboo desktop version, you can run desktop version on server as well. You should place your *.pfx certificates under the ssl folder or application root.