Embedded Objects


There are some objects that can be included as tags or tag attributes inside Html elements. Those objects are called Embedded Objects.

For example, a script can be an external, or embedded inside the Html element, like below. 


When you save such a document, the embedded object will be created and appear in the related list page. 


To edit such an embedded object, you can either go back to the source document and update the source, or click the name in above screen, open the object editor and update there. 

In our example, add a new function called "newfunc". 

After save that document, which is an embedded object, it will be updated to the original source as well. See below. 

Script, Style, Form, kScript, Url and Inline Style

The most common embedded objects are Script, Style, Form, kScript, Url and Inline Style. 

kScript is the server side JavaScript, Url and Inline are slightly differents. 

For Url, you may click to change the value inline or select to remove that item. It will be update to the original Html a tag. 

For Inline Style, when you click the name to edit, the opened windows contains an intelligence support for Css properties. 

Form is a special object, will be explained in the next chapter.