Email clients

Kooboo support IMAP protocol, you can use your regular email clients like Microsoft outlook to access Kooboo email server. 

Username and password

In your email client, create a new account, input any of your email addresses, just one address is enough, and then input your password when required. 

Username: any of your email address or your username
Password: your kooboo account password

Your email account should be working correctly now. 


After entering your email address, most of the email cleints should detect the setting automatically for you. In case that your email account is not setup correctly, you need to know the SMTP and IMAP address or want to use SSL address and need to know the address. You need to find out the mx record of your domain. 

Using the windows "nslookup" command or similar command at linux.  

Open the Microsoft CMD windows, and type the following:

> nslookup

> set type=mx


The return "mail exchanger" address is the address that you can use for IMAP and SMTP, SSL uses the same address. They are all the same. 


It is highly recommended that you use the SSL option of your email cleint. This can prevent your email message being scaned by ISP and your connection may be drop off. 

The SSL address for both IMAP and SMTP is hte mail exchanger address in above screen. The protocol is: SSL