There are 3 types of form in Kooboo, external form, KForm and Embedded form. 

form: a regular html form. 

kform: Kooboo form with designer.

embedded form: form that is embedded in the Html source of another object.


Embedded form will be created automatically according to previous chapter. 

To create a form, navigate to Development -- Form, open the form list page, you will see two options to create form. 

Create a form

Click "Create a form" from above screen, open the regular form editing screen. Under this method, you need to place all the Html code of this form including the <form> tag into the body. 

Create a Kform

Click "Create a kform" in the first screen to create a kform. 

kform contains visual help to make the form creation process easier for you. You can choose "New content form" to generate form fields from a content folder or click "new field" to manually create all the form fields. 

Click "New field", in the open windows, add your desired fields. 

Form submission Setting

For kform, the form setting is inside the designer. 

For regular form, in the form list page,  click "setting" to open the setting window

In the open setting window, configure the values. 

After that, you can add the form as a regular component into page. The form submission data will be stored in the option you specified. If you choose Form Data,  the count of submitted data will appear on the form list "Data" column, click on the count number to view the submission detail.