Create A Mailbox

Kooboo has a bulit in, fully functioning email server. After creating the mailbox, you can send and receive email messages in the same page. 


To use the email server function, you need to have domains first, depends on the version you are using. 

Online version: A second level domain has been assigned to you. You can use this second level domain for websites, also can be used to create mailbox. So your mailbox may look like:

The second level domain has no problem in receiving emails, but for sending emails, depends on the destination mail server, you may experience some difficulty. 

Desktop version: You can add and use any domain you like, also create mailboxes. Your local machine is a fully funtioning email server, you can use it for testing purpose, for example for your development. People on internet may not be able to send emails into your local domain. 

Create a mailbox

Open the top Navigation menu under Kooboo logo.

Click "Emails", go to your email inbox. 

Click "My addresses", you are at the address management page, you can add or delete email addresses. 

One kooboo account can have unlimited email addresses. You can use multiple email addresses just like using one address at other providers. 

Mailbox type

There are 4 types of email address you can create. 

Normal: A normal email address like from any other providers. 

Wildcard: Wildcard uses * to represent any characters. 

Group:  Group email address forward the email message it received to all its members. 

Forward: Forward the email message it received to the destination email address.