Content Type

Content type defines the fields of your text content. 

Creating a content type

On the left navigation menu, go to "Contents" -- "ContentTypes".

Click "Create" to create a new content type

Click "New field", open the field definition windows. 

Fill in the name, control type and other information of your field. 

Click "Save" after done. Repeat the steps to add all fields of your content type. 

System fields

System fields are reserved fields that used for special purposes. There are 4 system fields, you are not able to use those name for your fields.

Id:  Used to identify a text content. 

UserKey: User defined key, mainly used for Url query string friendly name. 

Sequence: Used to sort the content. 

Online: Used to indicated whether a content should be available for public browsing or not. 

Id can not be changed or modified, it is an auto generated Guid. UserKey, Sequence and Online can be made editable or turn off editing. 

In the content type editing page, click the down arrow, open the hidden fields. 

Click on the  field name to open the system field editing window. 

Creating  on Demand

It is not necessary to create a content type in advanced. 

If you try to create a content before any content type exists, you will be asked to create a content type on that screen. 

Editing fields

You can go to "Contents" -- "ContentTypes", and change the content type definiation.

You can also edit the content type while you are editing contents. 

In the content editing page, click the arrow on the right to open and enable the editing function.  

Click on "New field" to add additional field or click on the field name to alter that field. 

Control Types

Control type is the editing tool of your content field. When you are creating a field, you can assign and preview the control type. 

Current list of control types: 


Multilingual Field

If you would like your text content fields to support multilingual, you need to enable it from the field editing window. 


You can define validation rules for your content fields.  The possible validation options will be different based on the selected control type.