Better way of web development

Kooboo is a new way of web development, it contains everything you need to do web development

5Mb, 1 second

The entire Kooboo application is contained in a zip file of less than 5MB. You can either use the online version or download, unpack and double click kooboo.exe to start. No installation needed, take 1 second to start.

1 millisecond response time

Kooboo can render a dynamic page within 1 millisecond.  This is a page that contains 10 dynamic content items. Normally take more than 50 milliseconds for other system to render.  

Using instead of learning

There are many ways to get started. You can migrate a website by a single URL, upload Microsoft office document, or standard HTML zip. It will be unpacked, converted, and make available as pages for editing within Kooboo. 

All in JavaScript

You can do any web devlopment by using JavaScript only. You can use JavaScript to export Json api, read write database, manage session data and process http request. The JavaScript engine in Kooboo is called kScript. 

Click and edit

Anything can be inline edited. You can click anywhere on the webpage and edit anything directly. It can be a text, image, content item or stylesheet color. 


Undo and Restore

Every change you make is logged and can be reverted.  You can also checkout or restore the website to a certain time in the past.  

Relation map

Every object has a relation map to other objects within the website.  You know where an image is being used, whether it is in the page content or in the stylesheet. 

One click deployment

One click to deploy incremental changes to target servers. You see exactly which item you edited. Select and publish changed items to remote site. Or export  the entire website import into another instance. 

CDN and Cache

No need to configure CDN or cache any more. Cache is an option to enable within Kooboo, you can synchronize your website across multiple datacenters and load balancing nearby traffic.  

Websites go live instantly

No DNS A record, MX record setup, website go live instantly. If you register your domains somewhere else, you need to change the DNS servers to kooboo DNS servers that provided to you when you are adding your domain to Kooboo. 

All A record, CNAME, Mx Record will be created for you automatically.