Visitor Logs

Enable Visitor Log

Kooboo provides visitor logs which allow you to track who is visiting, which page has the top views and so on. To check visitor logs, first you have to enable the visitor logs. Go to System - Settings on the main navigation menu, select the 'Enable visitor logs' to enable this function.


On the main visitor logs screen, it will show the latest information of the visitor's IP, which page were they visiting, the time and referer. 

On the top of the visitor logs screen, there is a menu for you to switch to different views

Top Pages Count

The 'Top pages' section will show which page on this website has the most view count.

Top Referer Count

The 'Top referer' section will show main sources of the visitors

Top Images

The 'Top images' section list out which image has been viewed the most.

Report Chart

The 'Chart' section will generate a chart to show you total page counts for your website by days.

Error List

The 'Error list' section will show you the errors occurred when visitors were visiting the website.