System Settings

Basic Setting

Under the System - Settings section, you can see the setting of website. 

Display name:  The display name of your website. 

Enable Visitor Log: Log the visitor information, the IP, Page, referer and time took to generate pages 

Enable Constraint fix on save: Fired on updating the website contents. You may extend your own constraint checking. 

Enable Front Events: Enable event for programming. 

Enable Disk Mirror: Enable to work directly from your disk folder and synchronize content back to website database automatically.  

Enable Multilingual

The 'Enable Multilingual' selection allows you to add multilingual function to your site. 

If you need to add a new language, click the configuration icon, there will be a window popup to let you add a new language.

Click the black + icon, there will be a new line show up to let you add the new language. 

Pick a language code from the dropdown list, you will be able to add a new language to your website.