Site Logs

The Site Logs is the place where record all the actions you did on your website, such as at what time who changed which text, which content has been modified, which image has been added and so on. If you accidently did something wrong, you can also undo it from the Site Logs.

Check Site Logs

Click the Site Logs selection on the Main Navigation Menu, you can check all the logs. The first screen will list out all the actions sorted by the last modified time.

Each line of record will list out some important information, such as type, action, last modified time and so on. The log item lists out which item you have changed. The type means the type of the item, it can be content, image and so on. The action will let you easily know the action of this item is to add, update or delete. User means which user did this action. And the time is the detailed time of this action.

To check the details of the action, just click the log item name or the button on the right.

Check Previous Versions 

If you have updated an item, Kooboo will show you all the previous versions of that item. You can compare the previous version with current version by clicking the 'Compare with current' button on the top to see what have you changed.

Depend on the item, there will be a different screen shows up.

If you have updated an image, Kooboo will show both images to let you compare.

If it is a code or text modification, Kooboo will show what the differences between the code or text are. The text highlighted by pink means the original text, the text highlighted by blue means the current text that you have changed.

Undo An Action

Kooboo provides the undo function to let you recover the action that you did. To undo an action, find the previous version which you want to keep, check the version that you want to undo and click 'Undo' button.

Restore or Checkout website

You can restore your website to a past time or checkout the entire website.