Preparation and Registration

Kooboo provides two ways for you to get started easily, you can either use the online version of or download kooboo desktop application from Online and desktop version are very similiar. You do need to create a kooboo account in both methods.

Kooboo Online

Go to, in the login screen, click the 'Create an account' and then input your desired username and password. After that, you will be in directly. 

Desktop Version

Download the from, or use this directly download link: unzip to a folder and double click the "kooboo.exe" to start. 

Kooboo desktop version requires the .NET framework 4.5 run time. Most of the windows OS has it. If you do not have the framework installed, windows may ask you to install it or you can download from here

After you successfully open Kooboo.exe, you will see a window as below.

Click the ‘Start’ button, your default browser will open the kooboo login page, click the ‘Create an account’.

Enter the required information on the page and click ‘Sign up’ button.


You will be redirected to the login screen after you signed up. Enter the username and password that you just created and click ‘Sign in’.

After you sign in to the Kooboo system, you will see the screen similar as below.


There are four ways to create a website in Kooboo: Migrate a website, Template, Create blank website and import.

Partner Version

A Kooboo server version that runs on both Linux or Windows server.  This version only provided for partners that offer kooboo service. Contact us for more information.