Linking to detail page

In our blog website example,  blog list should link to a blog detail page. 

Creating A Detail View

To link to a detail page, first you need to create a view to display the details of the blog article. Create a view and set the html like below.

ContentItem Data Source

Add a data source. At this time, we don't need to print out a list, all we need is the content of the blog article. Hence, we need to add the data source of ContentItem, we select "ById", and give it an alias.

On the next screen, select the content folder.

Switch back to the data binding tab, do the same binding as in the content list. 

First we will bind the title. Select the title block in the preview window and click 'Data' button, bind it to the title field.

Do this for all of the other fields. 

Linking list and detail view

Now we will link the detail page to the repeater. Go back to the 'blog_list' view, select the 'Read More' block and click 'Link' button on the right. 

In the open Link windows, select the  "blog_details" under "Views"

Go back to your blog list page, now you should be able to click "read more" and view the blog details. 

Creating A Detail Page

Linking between views and pages are generated automatically with the right parameters. 

If you did not create a page for the blog_details view, it will be rendered within the same page of blog_list view. 

If you do create a new page and add the blog_details view into that page, the link at blog_list view will be point to the new page url automatically.