Label an Element

Label is a word or a short phrase on your website, you may convert an element to Label.

For example, the following View has a <h2>, <p>, <a> and <button> tag. On the Preview window, we can set labels for each element.

Select the <h2> title text element, click the ‘Label’ button.

On the name field, you can either create a new name or pick a current label name. We will just create a new label called ‘Title’.

Do the same action for the other elements and label them as ‘Description’, ‘Link’ and ‘Button’.

Save and Return.

Editing a Label

Navigate to "Contents" -- "Labels" from the main navigation menu. 

You will see all your Labels here. 

Click the edit button as below screen to change the label value.  

Save and return to the view list page. 

Click the preview link of the view that contains this label. You can see that the label has been changed into the new value.  

Using same Label key in multiple pages

When creating a new label from the view designer,  instead of entering a new name, you can also pick a name from the existing list. In this case, you maybe using the same label as other pages or components.  

On the Labels management screen, you can see Kooboo has listed out the relations of this label. If you need to update the email address, you just need to change the label value and it will update to all the pages and views which are using the same label.

Using Label in Multilingual Site

Label is also very useful when you need to create a multilingual website, you can easily manage the label value in each language. For more information, please refer to the multilingual chapter.