You can bind a condition to a element, that element will only be rendered when the condition is true. 

There are two types of condition you can set, Normal condition and repeat condition. 

Normal Condition

The normal type condition allows you to test the condition against data source field value. The test operator varies depends on the data type of that field. 

If it is a numerical value, you can use the following conditions:

If it’s a text value, you can set it equal or not to a text, contains or start with a specific text.

For example, you can use normal condition in the following case:

1.     Display the blog articles which the category is News.

2.     Display the blog articles which published after the year 2017.

3.     Display the products which the price is higher than $100.

Repeat Condition

The repeat  condition is to test the condition against the loop index while repeating the item.

Repeat condition can be one of the followings.

Number:  A digital or Nth syntax like 2n+1, 3n+2. 

For example, the following page has four plan blocks, the style of them is different

To make odd plans have the light background and even plans have the dark background, we create two plans repeater

After binding the data, select the dark style plan and click 'Condition' button

Select the two repeater one by one, one set the condition to Odd, one set the condition to Even.