You may import a Kooboo site package, a zip file that contains Html/Css, Images,  or an office document.  

Kooboo site can be export as a zip file by click "Export" on site overview page. 

Import A Kooboo package

To import a kooboo package, click the "Import website" button on site overview page. 

Enter the site name and domain name. Click the 'Select file' button or drag the kooboo zip file that you want to import.

Click the 'Start' button to start import the site, the screen will show ‘loading’. After it is finished, you will be redirected to the Administration Screen.

Import A Html zip

Select the regular Html files and the associated resource files, Compress them into a zip file. 

And then follows exact same procedure as importing a Kooboo package. 

Import Office documents

You may also import regular Office documents or Pdf, it will be converted into kooboo html pages. This is not recommended for advanced developers because it generates complicate html code and may not 100% match to original documents. 

To import office documents, go to the page list overview,  click "Import"

On the popup window, click "select file", and choose the file you want to import. 

It will take a while because it needs to be converted to Html code. After that, you will see the new imported page in the page list.