Editing Menu

Inline edit allows you to edit website menu directly by clicking the menu item. After you click the menu, it will popup an edit screen of your page menu. 

You can edit the website menu easily by clicking the 'Edit menu' selection.

Edit Menu Display Text

To change the menu title display text, just click the menu title on the list. After you change it, click the check mark to save it.

Edit Menu Link

Menu link is the link address where you want the website site to redirect to after users click the menu item. You can either link it to a section on the same page by using the # plus the section id name or link it to a different page by entering the page address, you can even link it to an external website address depend on your demand. 

To change the menu link, click the link which you want to change. If you have multiple pages in this website, the system will automatically list out other pages for you to select. If you need to use a specific link address which doesn't show on the list, just enter it and click the check mark to save it.

Menu Item Toolbar

The Menu item toolbar is located on the right side of the Edit menu screen. Below is an example of the Menu Item Toolbar, depend on your site structure, some of the buttons may not display. We will go through each button later.

Multilingual Setting

Kooboo supports multilingual mode. If you are creating a multilingual site, you may need to create a multilingual menu. By clicking the multilingual button, you will be able to set the multilingual menu. After you finish the editing, just click the 'Save’ button.

Edit Menu Template

The 'Edit template' function allows you to edit the menu template. By clicking the button, you will be able to go into the menu template edit mode. On the top right side of the screen, there are multiple choices for you to edit your menu template. On the left side, you can preview the changes. Once when you finish, just click the 'Save’ button.

Add and Delete Menu

You can easily add or delete menu item by clicking the plus sign on the top, and the minus sign on each menu item toolbar. 

Add Submenu

The submenu is a menu under the main menu item as shown below.

You can add a submenu by clicking the plus sign button, type in the name and link address.

Adjust Menu Order

The last two buttons are for you to move your menu item up or down.