Domain Binding

When you are creating a website, you are required to assign a domain to the site.

If you want to change domain binding, you can change it from two locations. 

1. Go to the target website, click "System" -- "Domains"

2. Open the top navigation bar under Kooboo logo, click "domains", and then click "SiteBindings"


Local Domain(Desktop)

If you are using Kooboo desktop version, you can add almost any domain you want to the system. Your domain record will be written into the host file of your local machine, and only valid on your local machine. 

If you need to use domain on Internet, you need an Internet Domain.

Free second level domain

Every user get assigned a Kooboo second level domain,  the top level domain is the domain of the kooboo server that assigned to you. In many cases, you get a second level domain in the format of 

There is no any difference between second level and top level domain, you can use second level domain to create website, email inbox, etc. 

Purchase a domain

Kooboo provide you to purchase a domain directly from the system. To buy a domain, first click the 'Domain' button on the top toolbar.

Click the 'Register a domain' button.

type in the domain name you want and click 'Search'. It will return some similar domains which are still available for you to register. Select the one you want and click 'Buy it' button.

Pay it and the domain will be added to your account shortly.

Using Existing Domain

If you already have a domain, you can also use it for your Kooboo online website after changing the domain DNS servers to Kooboo Dns Servers.

To use your own domain, click the 'Add a domain' button on the domain screen.

Change the Domain Dns server according to the provided information. 

Note: If you do not want to change the Dns server, it is also possible, because what Kooboo Dns servers do is just point all A records and Mx record to the Kooboo server that assigned to you.