Data Source

To create a dynamic view, you will need to add a data source first.

Built In Data Source

There are some built in data sources available,you can create your own Data Source by kScript or C#. 


The detail information of one record. The filter condition can be an UserKey or Id. UserKey is a key defined by user. 


A list of content items. 

Content item always belongs to one content folder, one content folder has one content type. 

Content item may belongs to one ore more categories. Category is also a content item. 

Query condition can by content folder or by Category.   


Full text search engine, can be enable by Navigating to "Development" -- "Search"

Configuring Data Source

When you selected a data source, it’s better to set an Alias name so that it can be distinguished from the default data source type.

After selected the data source type, click ‘Next’ button. If you select ContentItem or ContentList, the next step you will need to choose a content folder.  


Some data source has additional configuration options,  click "Configure" in below screen to open the setting window. 


Click the ‘+’ button, you can add filters to the data source. Filter contains a field name, an operator and the condition value. The operators are dynamic determined based on the field name. 

For example, for a text filed, available operators are: EqualTo, NotEqual, contains, startwith. 

For date or numerical field, operators also contains "GreaterThan" and "GreaterThanOrEqual"


Sort Filed: Determine how the returned recordset should be sorted. 

PageSize: The number of record to return per query. 

PageNumber: The index of current against the total result set. 

PageSize and PageNumber are used for paging navigation.