Creating A Page

Click the Page button on the main navigation menu, you will switch to the page editing mode, here is the place for you to add and edit your website pages.  

Kooboo provides four ways to  add a new page: new blank page, new rich text page, new layout page and import page.  

A New Blank Page

To add a new blank page, simply click the 'New page' button to add a new blank page. 

The ‘New page’ selection will allow you to add a blank page which you need to build the page using HTML code, you can use kView engine and kScript.. 

A New Rich Text Page

The ‘New rich text page’ will provide a WYSIWYG editor to let you edit your page content.

A New Layout Page

The ‘New layout page’ selection allows you to pick an existing layout and build the page.This is the recommended option for you to add a dynamic new page to your website. To add a new layout page, click the 'New layout page' button and select the layout you want.

Depend on the layout you selected, the design section on the right may be different. Click the '+' sign on the right of each position, you will be able to add HTML block, Menu, View, Layout and other elements that are available.

Import A Page

The ‘Import’ selection is similar to the import site function, it can allow you to import a page from either an URL or a file.

The support file types can be HTML, PDF, Word, Excel, PPT and ZIP.