Core Objects


A page can have a layout, a layout can have multiple components, and components can have content items. 


View can contains a template and data, by binding data with template, it produces a Html fragment. View can also be static html that act as reusable component for pages. 


Layout arranges the display of components within the page. 

It defines basic look and feel of the target page and one or more place holders that you can insert components into. The html code of layout will be rendered into the pages that use this layout. Place holder elements will be rendered according to page setting. 

In the page setting, you can add components into the placeholder position. 


ContentType is used to define the field structure of content, you can input the field name, select the controltype and datatype.  


Content is the information that you want to display on your website, it can be an article, a product with images or others.