You will be able to modify your account by clicking your username on the top right side of your administration screen and select 'Profile'.

Change System Interface Language

You can change your system interface display language by clicking the language selection and pick the language you want.

Change Login Password

Switch to the 'Password' tab, you will be able to change your login password.

Add Users To Your Organization

Switch to the 'Users' tab. This function allows you to invite other users to work on your website together by using their own account. To add a user, type in their username and click 'Add'. You can also remove a user by clicking the 'X' button after the username.

Switch Organization

If you have been added to other users account and want to work on their projects, first you have to switch to the organization that you want to work with. The organization name is the username. To switch to an organization, click the organization drop-down menu, pick the organization you want and click 'Switch'.

Go back to the 'Site' section, you will see their website projects.