Interface Overview

View can be used represent static html code or more often used to render data with template. 

You can manage views by clicking Development – Views from the main navigation menu. Click the View name to open a View.

The view editing interface will look like following.

Click the ‘Source code’ button on the bottom left side, you can see the HTML code and modify them. 


Back to the preview screen, by switching the preview layout on the top right corner, you can preview the view under different layouts.

The right side of the screen is the setting area, when you selected an element from the preview panel, on the right side of the screen you will see the code of this element and available actions.  

The code window will show the Html code of selected element. You can alter your selection by clicking the target code line inside the code window or the Dom tree navigation below the code window. 

Below the code window, you normally see the following buttons for data binding.  Depended on the element you selected, some of the buttons may not show.