Download and installation


Windows users download the, unzip to a file folder and double click Kooboo.exe to start.  No installation needed, works on both Windows Desktop and Server edition. (4.7 MB)


1. Install .NET core 2.1 runtime.  Find installation guide on Microsoft website according to your Linux version and run the required commands.  Example of ubuntu 16.04 installation guide is avaiable below:

2. Download Kooboo Linux version and unzip to a folder.

3. Go to the unzipped folder and run below command to start. 

> nohup dotnet Kooboo.App.dll &


>dotnet Kooboo.App.dll

Mac OS

Mac OS can use the same package as Linux. 

To install .NET core run time 2.0 for Mac OS, find the instruction at:

After that, download, unzip run the command

>dotnet Kooboo.App.dll

Source code

Download source zip from github, unzip to a folder. 

Open Kooboo.sln solution in Visual Studio

Set the Kooboo.App project as the startup project.

Start and debug the source code

Online Version

You can use online version instantly and it is free. 

Login user

You may register a Kooboo account or configure your local login user. 

Windows  configuration file is: Kooboo.exe.config

Linux configuration file is: Kooboo.App.dll.config

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <add key="CmsLang" value="en"/> 
    <add key="AllowUsers" value="*"/>
    <add key="DefaultUser" value="username, password"/>